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When an auto accident or personal injury occurs, resulting in affliction, loss of limb or organ, hospitalization, loss of time from work, or death, it is wise to see a local personal injury lawyer. If you’re looking for an attorney in Fresno, CA, MSE Law specializes in personal injury and auto accidents. The attorney, acting as the client’s advocate, must prove that the client is entitled to just compensation by establishing legal responsibility. When legal responsibility is established, the personal injury attorney must see to it that the client receives just compensation from the wrongdoer, usually through the wrongdoer’s insurance company.

We offer the following suggestions on selecting a personal injury attorney in Fresno, CA:

Do Not Sign Away Your Rights

Soon after a car accident or personal injury, the wrongdoer’s insurance company may offer you a settlement that seems attractive. They may ask you to accept the settlement and sign away any future right. This may seem like an easy solution that will avoid the trouble of finding a personal injury lawyer and taking legal action. But they may not be offering adequate compensation, and you may be giving up rights to future damages, for example if your situation worsens as a result of the accident. Do not sign anything without consulting an attorney first.

Ask for Referrals

In any area of expertise, there are always law firms or attorneys who have the unqualified respect of both peers and adversaries. A local law firm will earn this kind of respect through a demonstration of capabilities, and a record of success and client satisfaction. Before selecting a personal injury attorney or law firm in Fresno, ask other local attorneys, judges, court reporters, health care professionals or others whom they might recommend. Don’t make the mistake of engaging a personal injury attorney or law firm who might not have the experience or financial resources necessary to properly represent you and take your case to trial (and through appeal if necessary) to gain just compensation. In short, investigate before you choose. You deserve the best possible representation.

Many of our cases are referred by other Fresno attorneys or attorneys across California who recognize our expertise in the areas noted. It is our policy to keep the referring attorneys informed of the progress of their client’s cases. Miles, Sears & Eanni advises these clients to return to the referring attorneys for their other legal matters.

Choose an Attorney Who Utilizes the Contingency Fee

The contingency fee is a long-established method of compensation for various types of attorneys. Under this method of payment, the client does not pay a retainer fee to the attorney. Instead, the attorney agrees to receive a percentage of the recovery secured for the client on settlement or verdict. This percentage usually ranges from one quarter to one third of the recovery amount, depending on the difficulty of the case, at what stage the case is resolved, and the amount of expenses that have been advanced or incurred. If no recovery is secured, the attorney receives no fee. The client is then responsible only for the costs advanced or incurred in the lawsuit.

The contingency fee, which has been used by the legal profession for many years, is the standard method of payment used by Miles, Sears & Eanni Law Firm. It allows clients who could not otherwise afford a personal injury attorney to have their day in court. No retainer fee is required, and there is normally no initial outlay of funds by the client at the outset of the case.


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