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Miles, Sears & Eanni attorney Doug Gordon recently settled the personal injury case of Courtney Mulhollen, et al v. Estate of Richard B. Myles, filed in Fresno County, for $420,000.

Plaintiffs Courtney and John Mulhollen were driving with their two-year-old daughter northbound on Highway 99 near Fresno, California when they suddenly saw headlights coming toward them head-on. John Mulhollen swerved, but their vehicle was struck by the southbound vehicle, causing the Mulhollen vehicle to flip over and spin, landing in the center median. The adverse driver struck another vehicle in the accident and ultimately passed away from his injuries.

Courtney Mulhollen suffered multiple fractures and abrasions, and was hospitalized for 3-4 days as a result of the collision. John Mulhollen suffered an injury to his shoulder as well as multiple abrasions. Their daughter suffered an injury to her tongue as well as emotional distress from seeing her parents injured.

The parties reached a global settlement for policy limits on July 12, 2018.

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